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Residential Development Oppotunities

Maillardville, Coquitlam

6 Lots for Sale + fourplex, 1 Arce + 0.25 Arce lot size.  Potential Development Townhouse or Apartment with View.  Click to Learn more!

Feature Listing

5 Lots + 2 Lots right opposite of new big project - Harry Jerome Community Centre Complex

Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver

5 Lots + 2 Lots for Sale located right opposite of new big upcoming project – Harry Jerome Community Centre complex.  Potential Redevelopment Townhouse or Apartment, subject to the OCP Amendment from the City of North Vancouver.  Click to Learn more!

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Lotus Yuen Land Assembly Team

Team up with experts passionate about land assembly projects.  We love Win-Win-Win.  We want to sell better price for Sellers using our knowledge,  find profitable sites for developer to develop,  build a better community for cities.

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Let’s have a chat and know more about the location of your house.  Land Assembly is different from the single house sale.  The value of the land can be depends on the zoning or potential zoning from the city.     We help Sellers to sell the property to maximize profits and returns.  Contact us now for a free consultation.  No Obligation, but bring Value to you.
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The process of forming a single site from a number of lands, usually for eventual development or redevelopment. This will include acquisition of individual interest and the eventual development or redevelopment, removal or discharge of any restrictive covenants or other encumbrances and obtaining physical possession, when required, from occupiers.
When you and your neighbors sell your homes together at the same time, you have the power to ask for potentially double of what your home is worth!  So if your home sold alone was worth $2 million dollars, you may potentially get much more, even double or more as a LAND ASSEMBLY depends on your potential development of that parcel land.
No.  Not all the property or land are allowed to reassemble or subdivided and combined for redevelopment projects.  It will depends on OCP (Offical Community Plan) from its own city.  We can review and check based on your address.
Yes.   Both a developer and property owners can benefit from land assembly in most cases. Property home owners take advantage from increased property values.  At the same time, developers obtain a bigger parcel for redevelopment project to build a multifamily home.

Land assembly project can help homeowners work together to achieve more value for their properties and a developer can gain more profits due to building bigger multifamily projects.

What is my home worth?