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Exceptional Real Estate Services

Greater Vancouver Land Assembly TeamWe commit to delivery exceptional real estate services  in this dynamic and challenging real estate market.   Our Greater Vancouver Land Assembly experts seek different opportunities for home owners, investors and developers to their benefits.    We pay attention to details.  We believe that doing it right the first time to prevent from any potential problems and conflicts that possibly impact to the real estate transaction.   We delivery reliable and accurate advice; we act on our clients’ behalf to maximize their success in financial aspect.

Sales & Land Assembly

Working with our combined experts including Architects, site development consultant, marketing team and using our resources to obtain the maximum value of your land when working with Lotus Yuen PREC Land Assembly Team.   Our proven marketing strategies and network help match your property to potential buyers.  We manage expectations and take extra steps to achieve more for our clients.  Land Assembly works in a way that the value of all property together has better value than the sum of the sale of individual property.   By combining individual properties.   Land assembly and Rezoning will involve local city hall, and it usually take longer time to complete and that may be challenging during the process.   However,  with integrating individual lands to form a bigger site for redevelopment,  the return on the properties will be expected higher (or much higher) than the sale of individual property.  Let’s meet us and get a free consultation.  We will work you through for the process.


Not only do we work with Property owner,  but we also works with land investors and developers to identify, evaluate and acquire properties.  The properties allow them to develop a redevelopment project, make good profits from inherent latent value to be realized through redevelopment.   Register to be our VIP listing and we will contact you when we have redevelopment properties or potential properties for land assembly coming up.  Or, let us know what you need, and we can find for you.