North Vancouver Community Plan

1.0 Key Issues and Trends A Growing Community Much of the City’s land is already developed which has resulted in a slower rate of growth than in some other Metro Vancouver municipalities. Through redevelopment, the City has been growing over the past 20 years at approximately 0.8 – 1.3 percent per year (see Figure 4). This is much lower than the growth rate experienced in the 1960’s. This current trend is expected to continue, with projected growth of approximately 1.3 percent per year through 2031, slowing to 1.0 percent per year from 2031 – 2041. Based on this rate of growth, it is anticipated that the City will have a population of approximately 62,000 in 2031, consistent with the Regional Growth Strategy projections.

Concept of City Structure

City Structure North Vancouver

2.1 Density, Height, and Development

The Land Use map (Schedule A in Appendix 1.0) details the maximum building density (measured as Floor Space Ratio or FSR), height (measured in metres), and primary land use for all parts of the City. More detailed descriptions of allowable use, density, and height are provided below under Land Use Designations. Certain designations include a Maximum Density and Maximum Bonus, with the Bonus subject to the provisions in Section

2.1: Density, Height, and Development, Section

2.2: Density Bonusing and Section

2.3: Density Transfer. Land Use Designations

North Vancouver Residential Land Use Designations
North Vancouver Residential Land Use Designations 3

North Vancouver Residential Land Use Designations 1

North Vancouver Residential Land Use Designations 2

Residential Land Use Designation & Land Assembly

Land Use

Source: North Vancouver City Center

2014 Official Community Plan

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