Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan – General

The information is based on ATTACHMENT 1 DRAFT – January 11, 2017 by the City of Coquitlam.

Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan cover

Planning for the Future

The Burquitlam-Lougheed area, which is composed of a number of unique and

established neighbourhoods, has a population of just over 20,000 people and

approximately 370 businesses. Covering almost 560 hectares (1400 acres)

along the key North Road/Clarke Road corridor, the Burquitlam-Lougheed area

connects with Burnaby to the west, Port Moody to the north, the Trans-Canada

Highway to the south, and borders on the Austin Heights and Maillardville

neighbourhoods to the east.

The arrival of the Evergreen SkyTrain extension into the Burquitlam-Lougheed

area represents a major, regional transportation investment that will improve

transportation access for residents and businesses. This new rapid transit service

will also undoubtedly stimulate significant new growth along the SkyTrain

corridor in the coming decades, which presents an opportunity to shape and

focus this growth in a ‘locally-appropriate’ manner that maximizes housing

choice, provides new amenities and recognizes existing neighbourhoods.


Plan Vision

Developed in consultation with the Burquitlam-Lougheed community, and

based on the community context and opportunities for growth and investment,

this vision serves as the policy foundation for the Burquitlam-Lougheed

Neighbourhood Plan:

Burquitlam-Lougheed is a complete community made up of a collection of

distinctive neighbourhoods. These range from active neighbourhood centres and

streets in the core to quieter, outlying, lower-density residential areas.

Burquitlam-Lougheed offers a range of housing options, local employment,

and social interaction opportunities, with high quality parks, streetscapes, and

community amenities in a safe environment. Connected locally and regionally,

people move efficiently by transit, walking, cycling, and driving.

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